500 Hats. One simple goal.

500 Hats. One simple goal.

For the past few weeks, Wish Cleveland has shared a series of five #GivingTuesdayCLE stories focusing on the collective impact of generosity, kindness and volunteerism across our community.

With over 60 nonprofit partners, our most simple goal — aside from making the world a better place and shining a light on amazing people in our community — is to sell every last one of our “Do Good” hats:  that’s a total of 750 hats, 500 of them on Giving Tuesday. Check out the video below to better understand why so many people are walking around town sporting this cool hat.

Hats are just $25, and the proceeds from each sale can be designated toward any registered nonprofit. What will happen when we run out of hats on Giving Tuesday? No big deal. Our partners at Cleveland Sews, a local workforce development and wealth-building sewing collaborative, will make more!

As long as your order is placed by midnight on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 — we will ship it out as quickly as they can make them for us. They are already hard at work filling our most recent order, and volunteers are making daily trips to the post office to ship them out. If your hat purchase puts us over our 500 hat goal, that just means more resources and skills development will be directed toward the students and families who are being served by the Cleveland Sews program and our nonprofit partners.

It’s a total win-win situation and a problem we can’t wait to help solve!

Each time we hit a milestone of 25 hats sold, one of our Cleveland difference-makers from the video will be “lit up” to celebrate each step we make toward our goal of selling 500 hundred “Do Good” hats on Giving Tuesday!

It’s almost time to party for good, but first let’s take a look back at those stories, each featuring three organizations dedicated to strengthening our neighbors, our communities, and our city:

There’s still time to donate to these organizations or to any non-profit registered with GivingTuesdayCLE.

And don’t forget to wear your “Do Good” Hat when you join us at the “Good Hat” Bash!

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