A Support Group That Gives Cash for Awesomeness…That’s a Thing?

A Support Group That Gives Cash for Awesomeness

We’ve always known that Cleveland is awesome, right? Now, the newly-formed Cleveland chapter of the worldwide Awesome Foundation is eager to expand that awesomeness with infusions of cash into the hands of good people. Local thought leaders and innovative creators will soon have financial access to funding for projects in a wide range of interests, including science, arts, community development, and technology. These instant, no-strings-attached cash awards provided by Awesome Cleveland are especially appealing because no backend grant reports or itemized receipts are required of its recipients.A Support Group That Gives Cash for Awesomeness

Awesome Cleveland’s 21 founding trustees are committed to providing cash grants to individuals or groups of any age with positive social-impacting projects. The cash–provided by the trustee group, which is also the selection committee–is instantly awarded to the winning applicant. The trustee board is comprised of Cleveland residents with a passion for maximizing the opportunities of extraordinary experiences in Cleveland and helping others’ dreams come to fruition.

“I have been thrilled by the response of people in the community who desire to become trustees. They believe this opportunity is a financially comfortable way to give back while being actively involved in the decision-making process,” says Allison Lukacsy-Love, Awesome Cleveland founder.

Starting this June, Awesome Cleveland plans to award quarterly cash grants of $1,000 to at least one project or program that is focused on maximizing the awesomeness that Cuyahoga County has to offer its residents. Requirements for submission are intentionally simple: the sky is truly the limit, and the more creative the applicant’s approach, the better. Projects and programs should be a healthy mix of social impact, innovation, and fun, together with the ability to be accomplished promptly.

Even submissions by individuals and groups outside of Cuyahoga County will be considered, as long as their projects positively impact Cuyahoga County residents. Furthermore, grants are not restricted to non-profit organizations

Awesome Cleveland groupOne attractive feature of Awesome Cleveland’s submission process is that you do not need grant writing experience. The application consists of simple questions concerning your project, how you plan to use the grant, and the type of community impact that you anticipate making.  For those whose ideas are not yet fully developed,  you’ll be happy to know that the trustees are also interested in projects that are in the preliminary planning stages.

Once grants are awarded, the winners are expected to make their programs or events available to Cuyahoga County residents within a few months. For those who are not selected for the grant, the trustees want to help them connect with community members who have a shared interest in their projects or programs.

“The trustees and their network are committed to advancing Awesome Cleveland’s reach outside of financial contributions,” Love remarks.  “We are willing to make warm introductions to other crowdfunding organizations and committees on behalf of the remaining applicants.”

If you would like to be considered for the first grant cycle in June, submit your application before 11:59 PM on Sunday, June 2nd.  You can find application information on The Awesome Foundation website under the Cleveland chapter.

Awesome Cleveland is still accepting trustees in order to increase the number of grants awarded per quarter.  Interested in joining the trustee board or in donating to Awesome Cleveland? You’ll find that information on The Awesome Foundation website, as well (check under the Cleveland chapter) and on Awesome Cleveland’s Facebook page. You can also show support by attending the free sponsored events and by spreading the word about this funding initiative.

To date, The Awesome Foundation has awarded $3,907,000 in cash grants, funding over 3,907 projects, worldwide. The time has come to show that #ClevelandIsAwesome, too!

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