A WISH Continued

I was driving in the car with my two children in the backseat, my baby bump inching its way toward the steering wheel, when I received the email notification that WISH Cleveland was up for sale. I can’t recall where I was coming from or where I was going, but I do remember a feeling of warmth and urgency that traveled from my heart and up to my brain – eventually settling into my nervous gut. Without a doubt, I knew this opportunity was an answered prayer, and I pulled over into the nearest parking lot to send an immediate reply to Pam.

I began writing for WISH about a year ago, and it was the first time in my life that I felt a true connection with the work I was doing. I’m a born and raised Cleveland native. I graduated from The Cleveland School of the Arts and remember catching the Health-line down Euclid Avenue after school for rehearsal at the Cleveland Playhouse. 

Before Wade Oval Wednesdays and the gentrification of University Circle and Downtown Cleveland, my classmates and I were zealous dreamers. We were inner city kids using our artistic talents as guiding lights in a condemned city. Cleveland was our home. Despite the city being deemed “the mistake on the lake,”  the direction of our teachers and community leaders reminded us of Cleveland’s thriving goodness. Their generosity and counsel were lights, shining through cracks in the urban concrete. 

Fast forward 13 years later. Cleveland is completely transformed. Neighborhoods are being restored, and because of platforms like WISH, the good stories about my city are finally being told. Because of you, the WISH Cleveland community, we have created a positive news source founded on the principle of love. The amazing success of our yearly Giving Tuesday campaign illuminates the world-changing power of a good story. 

What makes this organization powerful is the commitment Pam Turos made to never silence the cultural voices of her writers and staff. What’s even more fantastic is watching how you, WISH supporters and subscribers, apply the same commitment Pam made to your personal lives. 

Together we can grow WISH Cleveland to its fullest potential. Together we can hold true to the core values that have guided the success of this platform. WISH Cleveland will change the publishing world. Our mission is to tell stories about Cleveland–uplifting stories that are not often heard in mainstream media. We will work to eliminate the racial and social discrepancies that dominate our local news and influence our communities. Are you excited? Change is here, y’all! 

While working for WISH and Good Cause Creative, I’ve felt accepted, I’ve felt heard, but most importantly, I’ve felt loved. Thank you, Cleveland! Thank you, WISH!

To achieve our goals, our WISH team hopes that you’ll consider partnering with us as a sponsor.  We are officially open to building new fiscal relationships with local businesses and brands that are doing good work in Cleveland. For more information, please contact us here

With your help, Cleveland, we can spread goodness across the Great Lakes and beyond. Using our combined talents and abilities, we can lead the way for the next generation of philanthropists and leaders. Let’s do this!

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