Art Stop: More than a Bus Stop

UPDATE: (August 8, 2106) We’re excited to announce that this project was fully funded, thanks to the support of many awesome donors from all over Cleveland! We hope to provide updates here once the project takes shape. Congratulations to Deanna and the Superior Arts Neighborhood – great news for the Campus District!

On Superior Avenue in Cleveland, there’s a half-mile stretch of road where lighting is poor and there’s nowhere to sit and wait for the bus. This is also a community of artists, but you wouldn’t know if from looking at the neighborhood. We need a space to create art for the public to enjoy, but we want it to be functional and help the community too.

Let me introduce myself: My name is Deanna Dionne, and I’m the artist behind Cleveland Street Glass. I moved to Cleveland two years ago to focus on my art, and have totally fallen in love with Cleveland and its support of the arts!

The video below shows how I went from watching my neighbors huddle in doorways  to collaborating with a group of artists and other residents who are committed to making our community art-friendly, comfortable, safe, inclusive to all.

Thanks to an ioby “Trick Out My Trip” fund-matching campaign,  each donation we receive will be matched up to $100. So you’re actually contributing double!  The matching campaign and ioby project end on August 5th, 2016, so please don’t wait!!

Donate here –

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