Pam Turos

Goodbye and thank you

This year, more than ever, I have found solace and hope in the rhythm and promise of nature.  Day always turns to night. We can

Pam and Lauren hugging. Back to School- What Does That Even Mean

Back to School? What Does That Even Mean?

In the absence of any national or statewide “return to learning” strategy, local school administrators are being asked to make impossible choices with very limited

Black Lives Matter protest

Dear Neighbors, It’s me. Again.

One person has silently contributed to everything we’ve ever published on WISH Cleveland. His name is Tamir Rice.  In November 2014, when that twelve-year-old boy was

Got boots? Please share.

Originally posted on January 8, 2019 “At the end of a very long line one cold, January day, he waited patiently. Not ready to head

Shop local. Give local.

Did you know that when you spend your holiday shopping dollars at local, independent retailers 48% of that money stays in our community? Giving local


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