Rachel Bevel

A WISH Continued

I was driving in the car with my two children in the backseat, my baby bump inching its way toward the steering wheel, when I

Vicki’s Home Youth

Vicki’s Home: Zooming Ahead

“I’m unstoppable,” declares Leslie Thomas, the founder of Vicki’s Home. Despite the tragic losses and economic setbacks many have experienced due to COVID-19, Thomas has

Euclid Kids Rally to End Racism

More than Just a Moment

George Floyd. For eight minutes and forty-six seconds, bodies of protesters lay face down in the grass with their hands behind their backs. It was

From a Garden in West Africa

From a Garden in West Africa

The roots of Food Strong Cleveland, according to Executive Director Sara Contineza, lie in  Burkina Faso, West Africa. In 2005, after graduating from Ohio State

Kings and Queens of Art

Where Artists Become Royalty

Through her nonprofit, Kings and Queens of Art, Gwendolyn Garth uses her passion for the arts to help former convicts navigate the intimidating path of


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