Bottle Blossom Flowers Let Your Wedding Day Last Forever

The average cost of a wedding in Cleveland, Ohio, is $21,000.

This is considerably lower than many other parts of the country (Manhattan tops the charts at $88,000), but it’s still a huge investment. Custom dresses, luxurious locations and elaborate themes make the wedding industry worth billions. Additionally, signature details such as flowers can run into the thousands and only last a few days. With this in mind, one local non-profit, Upcycle Parts Shop, has found a unique way to cut costs while making your wedding day flowers last forever.

Bottle Blossom flowers are a cute, customizable alternative to fresh flowers and are a big hit at weddings. These colorful, upcycled blossoms made from hand-painted repurposed plastic bottles, can be used for bouquets and boutonnieres as well as centerpieces, and are a nice keepsake to forever hold the memories of a wedding day. The flowers can also be used for bridal party gifts or as display pieces.

What’s more, this alternative is not just for eco-friendly brides, it’s for any bride who is looking for something artistic and unique to set her day apart. “There were two main reasons I chose bottle blossoms: cost and a love of the product.  I absolutely love fresh flowers, but they are costly and don’t last forever,” one bride explains. “Since it was not in my budget to use fresh flowers in my centerpieces, I needed to find another option.  That is where the Bottle Blossoms came into play.  Compared to fresh flowers the bottle blossoms were less expensive, could last forever and as an added bonus they were made from recycled materials.”

The blossoms can be repurposed for just about anything. One enthusiastic bride said, “I’ve placed a few of the bottle blossoms throughout my home and when I see them they always remind me of my wedding.  I have also given some to my mom and grandmothers, and plan to use some as decoration on my front porch and back patio.”

Upcycle has a partnership with Recovery Resources who trains participants in their Recovery Works program to produce the flowers. They come in 15 standard colors but other color options are available upon request.

In  addition to weddings, the blossoms have been featured at local events hosted by Cleveland State University, Great Lakes Theater, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, Forward Cities Conference and more. By creating art from waste, Upcycle helps others see the possibility in everything.  This message resonates with local youth especially, who participate through a number of school partnerships. To find out more about Bottle Blossoms and other Upcycle Parts Shop programs, visit them online at

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