Can We Talk? Finding Common Ground

Can We Talk? Finding Common Ground

My environment was…

My environment is…

My environment will be…

How might you finish those sentences? How would you want to? One way to find out is to join one of the many Common Ground community conversations taking place throughout Greater Cleveland on Saturday, June 30.

Sponsored by the Cleveland Foundation, Common Ground’s purpose is to facilitate community discussions about the ways that our surroundings — past, present, future — shape us collectively and as individuals: how have our environments changed? How can we work together toward improving them?

“Each Common Ground conversation is created by a passionate community member. When you join a conversation, you are the guest of a person, organization, or community group who cares enough to give their time and talent to bring people in our region together,” explains Stephanie Thompson, Marketing and Communications Officer at The Cleveland Foundation.

Can We Talk? Finding Common Ground According to Thompson, The Cleveland Foundation partners with Neighborhood Connections and ioby “to provide small grants and match funds to support community work as a part of Common Ground.”

The overall goal of this, the 3rd annual Common Ground event, is “to create spaces where meaningful connections are made and purposeful actions begin.”

There are still plenty of opportunities to join the conversation. Here are just a few of the exciting options:

A conversation about one of the first African American communities, the Bellaire Historical Community, on the west side, hosted by a resident:  

Join in for “a meal and an in-depth conversation about this community’s history.”

Common Ground: Waterloo Arts Feast!:    

This one is the day after the Waterloo Arts Fest. Make it a Waterloo Weekend!

A conversation about Glenville, Hough, and St. Clair/ Superior:

Bring your ideas about concerns like this: “ How can we keep our neighborhoods fun and safe? Are we being good stewards of our environment? How can we inspire our neighbors to embrace our communities?”  Come for the conversation; stay for lunch.

Black Girl in the CLE: Unpacking “This Place Ain’t For Us”:

Join Black Girl in the CLE to discuss what Cleveland was, what it is now, and what we think the future holds for Black Clevelanders.

Say Yes Cleveland: Changing Our Educational Environment

Maybe you’ve heard that Cleveland has become a Say Yes to Education district. Talk about what that really means.

Boys Hope Girls Hope of Northeastern Ohio Common Ground:

Join a discussion of these essential questions – Where have we been? Where are we now? Where are we going?

For the complete list, see

The conversations on June 30 are just a beginning.  Thanks to the partnership with Neighborhood Connections and ioby, you’ll have other opportunities to turn your conversations into action. Details will be forthcoming from the Cleveland Foundation.

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