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Recess Cleveland: Play Breaks For All Ages

Recess Cleveland: Play breaks for all ages

Back in elementary school, the playground was everything. It’s the place of that cherished period — recess — where kids could unwind and release their energy

Cultivating Tolerance at Kentucky Garden

Cultivating Tolerance at Kentucky Garden

One may say, “He who does not cultivate his field will die of hunger.” This excerpt from a Guinean proverb stimulates most gardeners inside the


Life after Prison: The Urgency of Now

I have long rejected the imagery of the school-to-prison pipeline. Pipelines have an end. The steps that lead to and reinforce mass incarceration, as Bruce


Cleveland is Ready for 100

Did you know Cleveland was the first city in Ohio to adopt the goal of 100 percent clean, renewable electricity by 2050? With Cleveland’s Climate

Dinami House: Reentry Resources for Women

Dinami House: Reentry Resources for Women

Cindy Rios defies our subconscious stereotypes about drugs, addiction and incarceration. “I was living on the lake. I had two children. I really had a


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