Craft Beer and Conversation: Let’s Talk, Really

“What do you think of this election?” I asked our Uber driver. My friends in the car about had a heart attack when I broke the silence of our car with this question. That notion of being afraid to ask a ‘hot button’ question struck a chord with me. Storytelling has followed me all throughout my life in a variety of ways, and this conversation was my ‘aha’ moment to do something about it.
I became motivated to create some sort of event that brought a diverse group of people together in a safe and moderated space to converse about some touchy subjects – thus ‘Craft Beer and Conversation’ was created! The goal of this event is not to change opinions, but to engage in civil dialogue and hear the other side of things. A chance to openly listen to others, plus tell your own story too.
The amount of community support that has been pouring in has been astounding – ranging from offers to help facilitate/coach the event, promote, and just sheer excitement to attend and step out of the normal comfort zone in conversation.
I look forward to what this event will bring to our community, and where the future of it may lead. – Megan
Want to keep the conversation going? Check out the Craft Beer & Conversation Facebook page for upcoming topics and events!  Past topics have included racism, politics, gender equality, immigration and refugees. Click here for more details.

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