From the Amazon to Akron: Peaceful Fruits

Two years ago, Evan Delahanty asked himself “What now? and “What next?” as he boarded the plane destined for his home in Ohio after living two years in a remote part of the Amazon Rainforest.  Evan knew he couldn’t go back to his life in the corporate world, so the Peace Corps volunteer set out to find a way that he could merge his work and volunteer experiences to create a social-good business that kept him connected to his newly planted roots in the Amazon.

A social-good snack company dedicated to making snacks that are good for you and good for the world, Peaceful Fruits is a social enterprise with multiple missions. Partnering with local communities in the Amazon to harvest acai, Peaceful Fruits helps create economic opportunity for the local people in a way that protects their traditional way of life and environment.

Here in Ohio, the startup is partnered with Hattie Larlham and the Blick Center for scalable production of the fruit snacks. Hattie Larlham has a fully certified commercial kitchen where the snacks are made, while Blick Center handles labeling and order fulfillment. Through these partnerships, Peaceful Fruits currently employs and empowers 10 people with full wage jobs.

Delahanty explains how he came up with Peaceful Fruits’ business model: “I wanted to help people make a living in a way that respects who they are and the environment, from the Amazon to Akron. And I want to help people eat food that respects their values and well-being.”

Because of its local partnerships and the popularity of the snacks in local stores such as Mustard Seed and Kriegers, the social startup was recently recognized as one of the most promising social enterprise startups in Ohio. Peaceful Fruits will also soon be featured in local Whole Foods branches and Giant Eagle Market District, most likely in fall of 2016. For Evan, it’s all about respectful economic empowerment, sustainability, and health. The snacks are all-natural, vegan-friendly, and non-GMO, to make dried fruits snacks — with the ‘superfood’ acai as the main ingredient — that are not only good for the world but good for you too!

When asked about what’s next, Delahanty says, “Peaceful Fruits is growing and we are working hard to scale up the business and our social impact with it. Now, we need to raise the money to help move our snacks onto the national stage.”

Visit the Peaceful Fruits website and check out their KickStarter campaign online to help this #GoodCauseCLE take it to the next level.

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