Gatherings–Where Everyone Belongs, Just as They Are

Gatherings--Where Everyone Belongs, Just as They Are

When Katie Kurtz, co-founder of Her Turn Co., attended a random yoga event in Cleveland, Ohio, she felt rested and ready to meet new people afterward, so she paused and looked around. However, everyone else was slowly moving into their own groups of friends or packing their bags to leave.  People weren’t making eye contact and connecting on the level she was yearning for. She wanted a deeper, more meaningful connection with others.

 Gatherings--Where Everyone Belongs, Just as They Are
Photo Credit: Tall Hair Creative

So Katie began talking to friends and womxn (a term that Katie uses for its inclusivity) in the area and realized that she was far from the only one looking for authentic connections.  After that yoga event and many others like it, besties Katie Kutz and Abra Said blended their existing businesses, talents, and collective impact to form Her Turn Co.  “We are community builders who have an unwavering passion for curating courageous spaces for womxn to grow, gather, and rise together,” shares Katie.

Once a month, a large half circle of womxn eager to share with intention fills the Willow Room Salon and Creative Space in Lakewood, Ohio. These Gatherings started with just a few womxn in someone’s living room and have since outgrown restaurants and bars to fill the Willow Room space.  Each Gathering develops uniquely because everyone is invited to come as you are and take what you need.  A meetup is not a networking event, nor is it a support group–“it is a unique space for any woman to show up, be seen and heard, and leave feeling uplifted and with new friends,” states the Her Turn Co. website. Gatherings aim to give womxn a turn at redefining how they connect, contribute, and claim their space in the world. They are connection centered, with the belief that everything starts and flourishes from nourishing those connections.

Her Turn Co., which was launched in April, 2019, is accepting of “all humans and openly welcomes all folks regardless of Race, Color, Age, Disability, National Origin, Veteran Status, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression.  It is an all-embracing, human-centered company that believes everyone belongs right now, just the way they are,”  Katie explains.

Beyond hosting The Gatherings, Her Turn Co. provides a variety of services to its clients, including collaborating to achieve a specific goal or vision. One such customer is Ellsworth Acres in North Royalton, Ohio. Ellsworth Acres is a unique sustainable agriculture training experience for women in recovery from addiction. It offers community donation-based yoga once a month, inviting participants to break down barriers, breathe together, and connect.

 Gatherings--Where Everyone Belongs, Just as They Are
Photo Credit: UpSpeak Collective

Her Turn Co. collaborates with this client to “guide Ellsworth in building and elevating their sustainable agriculture model as well as amplifying their impact through fundraising events centered on women supporting women,” Katie explains.

The next yoga experience at Ellsworth Acres is July 20, 2019.  Visit their website or Facebook page to learn more.

No Gathering is scheduled for July, but the Her Turn Co. team will be back on August 4, 2019, to provide womxn with another opportunity to meet, talk, and connect.  Katie and Abra plan to offer a special brunch for eight, together with a side of bravery. Guests should expect an intimate coaching and connection experience, exploring different topics that support living an authentic and courageous life. For more information and to snag a spot, visit the HTC website at

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