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One week from tomorrow I will be presenting at the Cleveland Leadership Center’s Accelerate 2016 Citizens Make Change civic pitch competition.  Thank you to everyone who has offered to come and support me at the event. (You can buy your tickets here.) I’m beyond excited to share a stage and creative energy with so many cool Clevelanders.  For me, the best part of this event isn’t just the chance to share my ideas, but also to learn more about all the organizations (big and small) who are  transforming our city.

One person can make a difference. Everyone should try. -JFK

As many of you know, Good Cause Creative started as a little business with a big goal: to use my love of writing to help non-profits tell their stories (and reach more supporters).  Over the last few months, this has evolved into a partnership with my husband, Jason, and several of his talented colleagues in the world of digital marketing and web development. We’ve gone from writing a few blog posts to building websites and connecting clients with resources to help them tell their stories online more effectively.   But for many non-profit organizations, this still isn’t enough.  We can tell a great story and we can build a great website—but if no one knows it exists, then it’s not worth the time and money we spent creating it.

So the universe has given us a challenge. How can we connect large numbers of concerned, caring and engaged citizens with the inspiring causes and hard-working change-makers who need their support? In the very near future, I believe the Good Cause Blog will provide the solution we need. Using the $5000 prize from Accelerate 2016, the technical gurus at Good Cause Creative will expand our current site to build an online community for social change. “Hey, HandsOn Northeast Ohio! Need more boots for your Homeless Stand Down? We’ll write about it here.” “Greater Cleveland Congregations! Need more voices and bodies at your next public action for social justice? Send us an article or pitch an idea!”

When 216Digital listed their “Best Blogs in Cleveland 2015” they highlighted some powerful voices in the fields of event planning, business, technology, music, culture, sports, fashion, health and food. There are lots of great places online telling us where to eat, shop and play – and I’m a dedicated reader/follower of many of them. But who is telling us where to go if we want to spend some time or money giving back to Cleveland?

I’m a social worker, a storyteller and a good-cause-crusader. Jason is a musician and a creative spirit who also happens to be a senior-level digital marketing expert. Building on over 15 years of experience on both sides of the issue, we plan to use shared advertising, paid content and creative engagement strategies to build the audience that good causes need to succeed.  And the best part is, you don’t have to be a client to be a part of the fun. You just need to believe that a rising tide lifts all boats*- even, and especially, on the shores of Lake Erie.

How can you help? Come to the Accelerate 2016: Citizens Make Change event and share this post with a friend! You can also follow us on social media (@GoodCauseCLE, #accelerateNEO) but most importantly, let us know about any person or organization who might benefit from being a part of our growing community. The Good Cause Blog will be getting a make-over in the very near future, and our mission will be to create lots of space here for contribution and collaboration!

*Quote attributed to J.F.K.

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