Local Artist Shares the Healing Power of Henna

Maybe it’s the kindness in her voice, the welcoming smile on her face or the gentle way she lifts your hand while describing each step of the her artistic process. Whatever it is, anyone who is fortunate enough to spend time as a canvas for Nivi the Henna Artist will come away knowing that the benefits of this ancient art form go much further than skin deep.

Henna has been practiced for over 5,000 years in different parts of the world, and its a native traditions began in India, Africa and the Middle East. But according to Nivi, “This richly beautiful art form knows no boundaries in culture, ethnicity, gender and religious beliefs, and its long history includes both cosmetic and healing properties.”

In its many forms, henna body decorations are truly a gift of beauty, touch and trust, all of which Nivi shares with her clients through freehand, custom designs on their body parts and pregnant bellies. Few people realize, however, that henna also offers some unique benefits to individuals living with cancer or chronic illness, which is one of Nivi’s favorite types of work to do.

In Eastern medicine, it’s widely accepted that touch and personal connection have the ability to relieve pain and discomfort, which is part of the intimate painting experience Nivi provides.  She also uses essential oils in her organic, hand made henna pastes, which have natural anti-inflammatory, cooling and moisturizing properties.


As a regular volunteer at the monthly M of Hope Beautiful is Bald event, Nivi offers her services, free of charge, to women whose lives have been impacted by cancer. Whether it’s a full Henna Crown like the one below, or a more discreet temporary tattoo, Nivi’s talents are a symbol of hope and beauty for those undergoing chemotherapy, and the positive energy she brings to each session lasts long after the intricate henna designs have faded away.


Henna Crown Nivi Henna Artist Cancer







Nivi also enjoys doing henna for birthday parties, proms, baby showers, weddings and community events. Private appointments are recommended for more intricate body art. Visit her online to contact her directly and view more images of her work.

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