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“I don’t’ know where I would be without it!”

No job, no money, no hope. After 17 years as an assembler at a local manufacturing plant, Sara* was unexpectedly laid off. She didn’t know how she would eat, pay her rent or afford her thyroid and blood pressure medications. She was nearing the end of her resources when a friend told her about North Coast Health in Lakewood, OH. After treating Sara’s immediate medical needs and obtaining prescription medications, North Coast Health was able helped her enroll in Medicaid and linked her with additional community resources. When Sara’s needs became further complicated after the loss of a child, a North Coast Health clinical counselor has been there to help her work through the grieving process.

North Coast Health

Sara says, “North Coast Health is a place you can come for the help you need. And if they can’t help you, they know where to direct you.” This is what North Coast Health, a faith-based charitable clinic, has done for 30 years – been the “help” that people need to access affordable health care and connect to social services. Since opening in 1986, North Coast Health continues to identify and stand in the gaps in the health care landscape; addressing each new challenge and removing barriers in order for everyone to be able to receive the care they need. North Coast Health is recognized as a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH), Level 3, by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. As a PCMH, primary care services combine teamwork and information technology to achieve better care, improve patient and provider experience of care and reduce costs.

  • 80% of patients live with at least one chronic condition
  • 55% of patients earn $15,000 or less annually
  • 79% of patients have a medical condition that requires prescription medication
  • 59% report that without North Coast Health services they would have nowhere else to go but the emergency department

By maintaining a full-time clinic with doctors, nurse practitioners, behavioral health counselor, and other health professionals, North Coast Health is able to meet the needs of our community. Same-day appointments for urgent needs; education for chronic disease management; assistance with applications for Medicaid and Marketplace plans; prescription assistance and other services optimize care for those with low-income; often the most medically vulnerable. For the past 30 years, North Coast Health has held steadfast to the belief that health care is a basic human need, and that inability to pay should never be a barrier for anyone. This is our mission. This is our ministry.

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*Name changed to protect patient privacy


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