Our Top 5 stories in 2017

While we regularly ask Northeast Ohioans to share story ideas, what resonates with readers isn’t always a simple answer. This year, topics for the most read WISH stories range from Cleveland’s baseball history to our region’s racial inequities.

As a way to catch up on what you missed, or be reminded of a story you liked, these stories made the Top 5:

1. A man and his dog on a mission to spread kindness

July 24 Have you seen this fantastically painted blue bus around town? If so, you might wonder what it’s all about. A “kindness” bus? Honestly, if this bus did nothing but park on the side of the road for days on end, it would still have an impact. So many wonderful messages painted by dozens of caring people supporting one man’s mission: to perform “one million acts of kindness” in his lifetime and encourage others to do the same … Read More


2. Historic baseball and the future of one Cleveland neighborhood 

September 22 – In 2014, Bob Zimmer had to make a decision. The founder of the Baseball Heritage Museum was offered a spot in the newly restored League Park, the east side ballpark that served as Cleveland’s main sports venue for the first half of the 20th century. But it would mean leaving downtown Cleveland. “I remain committed to downtown, and I think it’s an important location for us, but we just had to move to a place in Cleveland where baseball really started,” says Zimmer, who envisions having some kind of satellite location somewhere downtown. “People are coming from all over the world to see League Park. It’s a truly historic place.” … Read More


3. Supportive mom inspires Cleveland-based film 

September 20 – As a way to process his mother’s cancer diagnosis, a Cleveland Heights filmmaker began writing a new script. With health in mind, Myron Davis crafted a story focusing on a father struggling with his daughter’s illness and how to pay for mounting medical bills. The result became his first full-length film, “One Last Prayer,” which will premiere during Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival’s closing film and awards ceremony Sept. 29. “She was the backstory on how I wrote about the doctor’s visits and the feeling of helplessness watching a loved one go through this,” he says of his mother, Ceceil Davis. … Read More


4. Confronting race in Cleveland’s progressive enclaves 

August 18Living in a diverse, progressive community doesn’t make its residents immune to close-minded thinking. The tragic events in Charlottesville, Va., are a major wake-up call to those of us who believe we’re completely accepting of others but don’t understand how our actions (or lack thereof) contribute to this violence. When my family was looking for a place to live in Northeast Ohio last year, a key priority was finding a good public school that also had students from various socioeconomic and racial backgrounds. This is becoming more and more difficult to find with recent reports showing school segregation has significantly increased since the Brown v. Board of Education ruling.Read More


5. There is no pride without protest
The #BlackPride4 were arrested during a peaceful protest at Columbus Pride.

June 24 – As Cleveland hosts its second Pride festival this month, a shadow looms over LGBTQ celebrations in Ohio—a shadow that was cast during the Pride celebration in Columbus last week. Four protesters (#TheBlackPride4) were arrested during a peaceful demonstration at Columbus Pride. The protesters were part of a small group who requested 7 minutes of silence in response to the police killing of Philando Castile and acquittal of the officer who shot him. They also sought to call attention to the lack of representation within Pride celebrations and the failure of the white LGBTQ community to recognize the alarming violence against trans women of color. … Read More


In 2018, we’ll strive to further our mission of featuring stories about social good in Northeast Ohio. Don’t hesitate to let us know what people, places and organizations you think we should cover going forward.

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