Habboba Van — A Mobile Storyteller

Habboba Van — A Mobile Storyteller

Malaz Elgemiabby is a woman of many talents. The founding Principal and Executive Director of ELMALAZ, an architecture and design studio in Cleveland, Ohio, she

Project Noir Founders

Project Noir: the voices of Black women in Cleveland

ChiChi Nkemere and Bethany Studenic are no strangers to inequities when it comes to systems of power in Cleveland; it’s the whole reason the pair co-founded Enlightened Solutions in 2017.

Creating Community, Mother to Mother1

Creating Community, Mother to Mother

“The journey of special needs parents can be a really lonely journey,” says Salina Miller from her home office. “A lot of people simply don’t

Woman Hanging Out Window - Scared_ Overwhelmed_ You’re Not Alone.

Scared? Overwhelmed? You’re Not Alone.

Loss of life, health, loved ones, jobs, homes, and even hope . . . COVID-19 has inflicted incalculable damage to people’s lives. Many of us


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