Support Cleveland’s urban arts renewal this weekend

After graffiti artists completed a mural for her Tremont home, Stamy Paul had an idea. Seeing this creative expression as worthy of appreciation, she launched Graffiti HeArt to paint a positive picture of what’s often considered vandalism. Paul’s passion for urban art has traveled with her through 15 countries, where she always finds graffiti to learn from and admire.

Graffiti HeArt brings together graffiti artists that donate time and talent to work on commissioned projects throughout Cleveland. One recognizable work is the “Welcome to Cleveland” mural in Ohio City, among several others. Profits from the commissioned projects go toward arts education scholarships for underserved youth. Since 2015, Graffiti HeArt has given out 15 scholarships (totaling more than $25,000).

One way to support these education opportunities is by going to the second annual Graffiti HeArt Scholarship Fundraiser this Saturday, Nov. 18, at CLE Urban Winery in Cleveland Heights. With a $35 ticket, you’ll have an evening of wine, food, urban art demonstrations, live music, an auction and raffles.

Graffiti HeArt has completed projects for the Gordon Square Arts District, CLE Urban Winery, Dealer Tire, Airgas, Cleveland Metropolitan School District and others.

Not only does Graffiti HeArt create a pathway for other street artists, it also helps beautify and sustain urban neighborhoods and provide a better future for the youth in those neighborhoods through scholarships, inspiration and hope.

  • Are you an urban artist? Donate your time and talent to Graffiti HeArt.
  • Attend the second annual Graffiti HeArt Scholarship Fundraiser.
  • Take a tour of Cleveland’s urban art scene.
  • Teach others about the importance of urban art and revitalization.





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