Controversy, Conversation, and Cold Brews

In a divided nation, what can unite people from different sides of the political aisle? Conversation—and a beer, of course. At least that’s the premise

Judgment-Free Creative Space

I pledge allegiance to grandpa, faucets that don’t drip and potatoes with butter and pepper. These are just a few of the responses shared during

What the Heck is 4 Miles 4 Water?

Living near one of the Great Lakes, it’s easy to take water for granted. We have such an abundance of it (especially this week) that

One Cleveland, Many Stories

Introducing the My Neighbor, Myself Series: Profiles in courage and action from Cleveland changemakers “I’m just going to go there for the opening keynote,” I told

Signs from Cleveland March for Science

March for Science CLE: What now?

Growing up with a father working in construction gives inspiration to a Cleveland cancer researcher.  “Mi papa was an engineer with only a second-grade education,”

Because I Said I Would: Boots

At the end of a very long line one cold January day, he waited patiently. Not ready to head back out into several feet of snow,

Every Superhero Needs a Sidekick

At Shore Cultural Center the directors, musicians, stage managers and actors of the non-profit Silhouette Productions are busy preparing for opening night of The Music Man,


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