Holy Good Cause, Batman!

  It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s … a 6th grade science teacher? I first met one of the local, superhero alter-egos at 6th grade orientation at

Bloom with a View

Edgewater Beach has always been one of my favorite places… the sand, the lake, the pier, the beautiful view of Cleveland’s skyline, the lovely Willow

Waiting Child Fund

Transforming Foster Care Do whatever it takes to ensure that every child in foster care has a permanent, loving home. That is the guiding principle that

Upcycle Parts Supply

Home of the Bottle Blossom At Upcycle Parts Shop we shine a light on the value in everything around us. For us, upcycling is about the possibility

North Coast Health

“I don’t’ know where I would be without it!” – North Coast Client Written by Elizabeth O’Brien No job, no money, no hope. After 17 years

Fatherless Father’s Day

Apparently, I have a deep, subconscious need to celebrate Father’s Day even though my own Dad hasn’t been an active part of my life for over


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