Take Care of Yourself

Take Care of Yourself...An invitation to the Naturally Undefined Wellness Conference

An invitation to the Naturally Undefined Wellness Conference

In today’s 24/7 news cycle, we’re inundated with information and research linking a “healthy lifestyle” to happiness, success, and wellbeing. We all know there are mental, physical, and psychological benefits to practicing self-care, but the path to wellbeing can be overwhelming and intimidating for many people, especially for caregivers and changemakers who tend to focus on the needs of other people before their own.

Take Care of Yourself...An invitation to the Naturally Undefined Wellness ConferenceNic Abraham wants to fix that.

As a holistic lifestyle and wellness enthusiast, Abraham creates content for the lifestyle blog, A Random’s Life, to encourage women to lead healthier lives. Moreover, she’s also the founder of the Naturally Undefined Wellness Conference, which aims to explain and simplify the concept of wellness for us in our daily lives.

At her third annual women’s conference, which will be presented by A Random’s Life on Sunday, August 25, 2019, Abraham will offer a variety of topics to promote healthy habits in our homes, diets, and lives.

“It’s imperative that we are informed, mindful of our individual needs, and seek products and habits that serve our dietary and personal needs. By taking care of ourselves and passing healthier habits on to younger generations, we can positively impact the world,” Abraham explains.

With a focus on physical, mental, nutritional, medicinal, social, financial, and spiritual health, Abraham is eager to share how all of these factors work together to achieve and maintain overall wellness. She believes it’s critical to know our personal triggers and needs in order to reach optimal health.

In her instructional workshop, Abraham will discuss identifying key causes for physiological triggers that affect our behaviors and decision-making, knowing which ingredients to avoid, breaking unhealthy generational choices, being mindful about household food and product choices, and learning how homemade product recipes can reduce health issues.

In addition, a physician will be available to explain the importance of understanding estrogen and testosterone levels and their impact on our health.

Take Care of Yourself...An invitation to the Naturally Undefined Wellness ConferenceAttendees can expect to enjoy a plant-based meal, mingle and network with like-minded women, find answers on how to transition into their desired lifestyle, and learn more about how their upbringing may have affected their current unhealthy lifestyle and dietary choices.

Abraham stresses the need for education, motivation, and inspiration when we decide to live a healthier life: “It’s not hard to change unhealthy habits if you’re willing to learn and replace them with new ones. A Random’s Life provides the content for women to do just that.”

The 2019 Naturally Undefined Wellness Conference will be held from 1:00 p.m to 4:00 pm at The Green House, Euclid,  located at 20150 Lakeshore Boulevard. You can purchase your ticket and reserve your spot at this relaxing, informative event by clicking here.

People often say good-bye to each other with a friendly “Take care of yourself!” On August 25, Nic Abraham wants to help you learn exactly how to do that.

This year’s event sponsors are Current Electrology, EbonySold.com, Good Hair Good Body, Heinen’s, NOOMA, The Green House Euclid, WISH Cleveland, and Yelp Cleveland.

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