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At Upcycle Parts Shop we shine a light on the value in everything around us. For us, upcycling is about the possibility of reuse, the energy of community, and the excitement of creativity. We invite you to join us to make less waste and more art!

The Upcycle Parts Shop is a thrifty crafter’s paradise and a sustainability super store. From vintage crayons to reams of unused art paper, maps of the city, beads, baubles and fabric of every shade in the rainbow, just begging to be re-imagined, you never know what you’ll find at this little boutique-styled space, located in Cleveland’s historic Superior/St. Clair neighborhood. Supplies are replenished and rotated on an ongoing basis, and they collaborate with local business to make use of supplies that might otherwise end up in a dumpster.

What does it mean to upcycle? And what the heck is a Bottle Blossom?


A “Bottle Blossoupcyclem” is the flagship creation that led Upcycle Parts founder, Nicole McGee, full-force into the world of creative re-use. In the early days, she hand-cut and painted hundreds of plastic bottles into flower-shaped blossoms creating centerpieces and artful decorations for her private clients, but as interest in sustainability increased so did the demand for Nicole’s skills and expertise. In 2014 she opened the first non-profit, retail upcyle destination in Cleveland, and her signature Bottle Blossoms have continued to bloom since that time. From on-site workshops and school-based educational programs to corporate events and private parties – there are countless ways to support this #GoodCauseCLE. Their latest joint venture with Recovery Resources, where the Bottle Blossoms are now prepped and painted for resale, also shows how the positive impacts of sustainability go way beyond the landfill. To find out more – visit their website or check our calendar to learn about their upcoming events.

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