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Do whatever it takes to get every child into a permanent loving home. That is the guiding principle that leads the work of Mike Kenney and Shannon Deinhart, co-founders of the Waiting Child Fund. What started out as one successful fundraiser to cover the adoption expenses of kids who were at risk of aging-out of the foster care system is now a thriving non-profit agency, advocating for system-wide changes to ensure that no child leaves the foster care system without a community of people he or she can depend on. By respecting and empowering the children our child welfare system is intended to protect and supporting the case workers who are committed to this difficult job, Mike and Shannon are changing lives for one child, one family, one agency at a time. What do they need? Increased awareness. Waiting Child Fund wants everyone to know about the problems in our current child welfare systems, so we can encourage policy makers and leaders to support new, innovative programs that put the emotional health of kids and families ahead of bureaucracy. How can you help? Check out this blog post about the kind of programs they want to bring to Ohio. And then share the post with your social network. Or better yet – bring a friend to the next Waiting Child fundraising event. We hear these guys know how to throw a great party!


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